Notes on Fort Uinta

Notes on Fort Uintah from the Cragin Collection: “Notes on Fort Uintah (visited by F. W. Cragin, August – September 1901). A. Antione Robidoux was the builder and proprieter of this trading fort. It is situated about one mile southeast of the present White Rocks Indian Agency in Range 1 east from the Uintah Special.. read more →

Incidents of Travel and Adventure in the Far West with Col Fremont’s Last Expedition

Solomon N. Carvalho made the trip west with John C. Fremont’s fifth expedition along the 38th parallel to California in 1853. Carvalho accompanied Fremont with the sole purpose of making Daguerreotypes (an early form of photography) to record the vastness of the unknown west. They traveled over the North Branch of the Old Spanish Trail.. read more →

The Ashley-Smith Explorations and the Discovery of a Central Route to the Pacific, 1822-1829

The Ashley-Smith Explorations and the Discovery of a Central Route to the Pacific, 1822-1829, edited by Dale, Harrison C. published 1918 details life on the frontier in the 1820’s.  Judediah Smith joined William H. Ashley and John Henry’s fur trading company in St. Louis in 1822. The expeditions of Ashley and Smith were looking to.. read more →

Cook, P. St. G, Scenes and Adventures in the Army

Philip St. George Cooke (June 13, 1809- March 20, 1895) was a career US Army cavalry officer in the mid 19th century. Cook traveled throughout the western United States and was active in the Mexican War by leading the Mormon Battalion from Santa Fe to California. He is an eye witness to many of the.. read more →

Ruxton, Adventures in Mexico and The Rocky Mountains

George Fredrick Augustas Ruxton’s, Adventures in Mexico and The Rocky Mountains, sets forth his adventures in Mexico and the Rocky Mountains in the mid 1840’s. Ruxton traveled to Veracruz to observe the American war with Mexico.  Adventures provides the reader with descriptions which include Santa Fe and Bent’s Fort during this crucial time in the American.. read more →